Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rest In Peace Milo

At first I thought she had 'buasir'

But after taking her to vet, the doctor said that it's not buasir.
Rahim dia terkeluar.
(Sorry for the rojak-rojak language. My brain is too lazy to think)
And it's severely infected because I didn't bring her ASAP to vet.
But the clinic were closed due to New Year Eve. I'm sorry Milo T_T
The doctor ask for my opinion, but I didnt want to PTS (Put To Sleep) Milo.
I want her to die naturally. So I told the doctor to try his best.

This is Milo after surgery.
For 6 days she's suffering from the pain.
She refuse to eat and drink.
And I pray that Allah will end her pain.
It's really heartbreaking seeing her suffering like that.

Just now.
Sleep my little Milo.
Thanks for being a good pet.

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