Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Benjolan Lemak Di Perut.

Title yang super gerun ait~ and sebesar-besar alam gambar aku tepek =D I've found good info and tips to reduce it without spending hours at the gym or spending lotss of moneyh buying slimming product yang entah ye entah tak boleh menyedut lemak-lemak korang tu (cehh..cakap kat orang padahal diri sendiri berkepul-kepul lemaks). Marilah bersama-sama menghilangkan benjolan itu so tak payahla susah-susah nak tahan napas kembang kempis hidung demi mengempiskan perut depan orang (err..macam berpengalaman buat cenggitu tu cik shidah). hehe.. Dah dah lets cekidaud!

(Source: Glow Your Health & Beauty Magazine Oct-Dec 2011 edition)

A rounded tummy is not always a result of a poor diet or the lack of exercise. Problems like bloating or bad posture can also play a part. Here are some tricks you can try to help slim your silhouette.

1. Stress may be the culprit.

Many of us reach for a sweet snack to calm your nerves. That can make you gain fat. Researchers at the University of California found that rats who led stressful lives had more of a stress hormone called cortisol in their blood. Cortisol is what makes your body store fat around your middle. Even worse, the fat collects around important organs in your stomach area,such as your liver,so these organs must work harder.


Anything that de-stresses it could be watching a funny movie, taking a walk or just breathing deeply. Sit in relaxed position and inhale through your nose for five seconds. Then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat until your heart rates slow down.
* ni aku saje tambah--for muslim,ce solat sunat dan baca Quran sebab ia memberi ketenangan disamping dapat pahala.xpayah nak yoga aum aumm kebende tu.hehe =)

2. Why you need water.

Your body mixes water with food to help it digest easily. Besides, every cell in your body is "powered" by water. For every 1% decrease of water levels in your cells, your body's energy level drops by 10%. Not having enough water in your body also slows the movemoent of waste in your intestines as the body takes extra time to extract as much water as possible. This causes gas, constipation and bloating in your tummy area.


It may sound crazy, but did you know that sometimes, a craving for sugar or carbs - such as white rice or sugar cookies - is actually a clue that you are really thirsty! It is because your brain gets water from your blood flow, and carbohydrates and sugar increase blood flow to the brain.
* So, kalau korang dengar tekak or perut merengek-rengek nak coklat la,sweets la,lollypop la,cookies la, jangan layan tahu. Kalau lollypop tu nanges-nanges merayu melutut kat korang suruh makan pun sila la ignore beliau. Try minum bergelas-gelas air instead. Nescaya suara tangisan lollypop, tekak dan perut korang tu akan hilang ditiup angin.

3. Bad posture.

Fashion models are always taught to stand "tall" as good posture can make you look up to 5 kilos slimmer. When you slump, you compress your lungs and stomach which makes it harder for internal organ to work properly. This can lead to excess gas in your digestive tract, resulting in a bloated, bulging tummy.


Stand up straight. Pull up your stomach in towards your spine.

4. Lack of sleep.

Researchers have found that people who sleep for less than six hours at night are 23% more likely to be overweight than those who sleep more than seven hours. Those who sleep five hours are 50% more likely to be fat. It seems that a lack of sleep can result in "leptin resintance" in your body. Leptin is a hormone that is released by your fat cells to control your appetite and tell your body to stop eating. Insufficient leptin can make you feel hungry all the time - and prone to snacking - even if you just eaten.


What time do you need to wake up in the morning? Count back 8 hours from that time to find the right hours to hit the hay. If you find it hard to go to bed so early, try doing so just 30 minutes earlier than usual and so on.
* see seeeeeeeee...kurang tidur boleh buat anda jadi gemuk. tapi janganla hang tidur lama kemain sampai setengah hari pulak senah oiii.

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